11 Days culture & holiday experience package
February 19-29
7 Participant maximum

Festivals or ‘Tshechus’ are a major part of Bhutanese life and offer a unique cultural insight into this Himalayan Kingdom. The festivals are very colorful, lively and are a social event for the locals, making it all a wonderful photo opportunity

The festival consists of various religious dances performed by the monks and laymen. The origin of religious dances can be traced back as early as the 8th century AD when Guru Rinpochoe, a great Buddhist teacher, used these tantric and magical dances to subdue evil spirits and demons.

Tshechus are considered auspicious and is witness by devotees, tradesmen, and visitors from all walks of life, all dressed in their best. This tour will take you to witness the Domchey and Tshechu of Punakha. Punakha Dzong is one of the most majestic structures in the whole of Bhutan.

There are also scenic drives to different valleys and hikes to some famous monasteries thus giving you the unique opportunity to interact with monks and local people. You will also explore villages and can halt for a night or two in farmhouses.

These festivals also reflect the richness of everything that is Bhutanese.

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12 days tour/ Photography workshop package
March 5-16
4 Participant maximum

Spring in Bhutan is a stunning visual treat. The mornings are clear and the days mixed up with warm and rain in the evening. The whole country is transforming into lush and an abundant green at this season. This period instigates an excellent chance for photography as different varieties of wild flowers like magnolia, rhododendron and more take their turn to bloom. It is also the time for the farmer to get ready for the plantation.

This tour takes you as far as central Bhutan enabling you to capture all the colors whilst experiencing the hospitality of rural Bhutan. We will cover some of the most photogenic places like Haa, Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Trongsa and Bumthang.

Apart from embracing nature, look forward to cultural programs, traditional games, arts & crafts and local cuisine. For more information please contact us.

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11 days hiking and explore Bhutan package
April 10-21
7-10 Participant maximum

One of the best ways to explore Bhutan is by foot. There are numerous day hikes that can be arranged and for those who want to trek, we are specialized.

Trekking in Bhutan is a unique and a wonderful experience! There are several ancient trails leading through a variety of terrain from lush forests to panoramic mountain passes to rice paddy terraces.

This is a special tour will take you to explore, visit traditional villages & monasteries, mingle with the locals, staying in a simple traditional Bhutanese home, soak in the hot springs and sight wildlife etc.

This tour will include hikes in all different valleys and a scenic drive in between the regions.

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13 Days heritage art tour package
May 10-21
7-10 Participant maximum

Heritage Adventure highlights arts and crafts of Bhutan which stands as a pulsating testimony to the country’s rich cultural heritage and tradition. For most Bhutanese artisans, their skills have been passed on to father to son for generations.

In this tour you will see all different type of arts and crafts throughout the country and played important role in the Bhutanese society.

Many Bhutanese artisans have inherited the crafts and skills and made them their own. We will visit schools and private places, museums, handicraft shops, fortress and many more to study the creativity in the style that is being adopted. We will also meet village artists and witness finest products of all such as architecture, paintings, woodcarving, textiles and much more.

This tour is crafted to open doors to the Bhutanese arts and crafts where you will observe, understand, and appreciate the importance of these artisans in the society and the way Bhutanese people lived in the past.

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13 days journey package
August 3-15
7-10 Participant maximum

Bhutan is the last Himalayan kingdom guided by the philosophy of Gross National Happiness, which seeks a balance between spiritualism and materialism.

“In search of Happiness” is one of our special tour, we developed and organized once a year, with small group. This program will allow interaction with scholars, knowledgeable monks and government policy makers on how to adopt balance between external and internal comforts. The tour also seeks a balance between external and internal comforts through contemplation, pilgrimages, Meditations, spectacular sightseeing, hiking through peaceful nature and spending time in rural communities. This tour is mindfully crafted to experience and observe, relax, unwind and learn to live happy life from the people and country where Happiness is a Place.

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13 days tour/workshop package
September 2 – 14
5 Participant maximum

Capture the colors of autumn in Bhutan. If you want to enjoy the autumn magic, September is the right time to do it. It offers an amazing display of rice fields ripens to golden brown, clear blue skies, merry pink and white flowers blooming all over the valley – giving a new sense of wonder. The season is stunning and captivating to visitor and the farmer as the fun-filled harvesting activities are going on all over the country.

Biggest festivals session take place in September as well. This tour will include festivals of Wangdue and Thimphu.

We will arrange you to watch the sunset on Tiger’s nest and sunrise from Dochula pass to the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan.

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22days Exclusive Himalayan trekking & culture tour package
November 17  – December
10 Participant maximum

Gasa – Laya – Jomolhari – Lingshi trek is considered one of the most scenic treks in Bhutan. Running along the border with Tibet, the trek offers amazing views of some of the most pristine and unspoiled landscapes in Bhutan. This tour is combined with trekking to the highlands of Laya and Lingzhi where nomads of northern Bhutan dwell.

We will explore the villages of Laya, meet the nomads and pass through a great range of vegetation and wildlife, which would make a great photography subject. We will also trek through remote semi-nomadic village of Laya with unique culture, traditions and appearance. Walking in the mountains range and lakes are stunning experience and highlights of the journey. You may come across some indigenous animals such as blue sheep and Takins along the trail. In Gasa, we will have a day of relaxation at the hot spring to rejuvenate ourselves.

This tour will also include visiting all the top cultural and historical sites in the western side of the country such as Tiger’s Nest, Punakha Dzong and many more.

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10 days tour package only $ 2600.
November 5 -15
10 Participant maximum

This tour is designed with the aim to offer a spiritual journey through theoretical and practical experiences. This is an exceptionally breathtaking journey with series of opportunities for you to see Bhutan’s lovely people and their ways of life, culture and encounter the country’s historical past and present.

Peaceful monasteries, jagged Himalayan mountains and deep valleys are all part of this fascinating journey through the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan. We meet the welcoming locals for whom tradition and ritual are still a way of life. You will be taking part in festivals, spending time with the monks, meditating, teaching, staying in a village, experiencing the ways of rural life etc.

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8 days honeymoon experience package for a couple
$ 5040.
Best session: March, April, May, August, September, October and November.

We don’t put any badge on honeymooners other than they should be as individual as you are a couple. Tailor-made luxury at few of our hand-picked beautiful spots might be just what you’ve been dreaming of for the start of your life together. But if you want to mix time away from it all with a dash of adventure, we can tailor your honeymoon to include a couple of days exploring.

Bhutan, the last Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, is a wishful place for new lovers to celebrate your union for an auspicious beginning. We arrange wedding ceremony in a holy temple, where well-wishing monks hum sounds of prayers and incense fragrance appease the gods to shower blessings for the couple’s long fulfilling life. We stage cultural shows with colourful festivals and folk dances to greet your presence and make the occasion merrier and memorable. Smiles, warmth and joy flow in words, prayers and many joyful expressions. Sharing moments in peaceful environment, offering prayers at serene temples, and exchanging words and smiles with the locals, it’s a joyous episode to begin a meaningful life.

This tour is customized to capture your moments so you can share them with your awaiting families and friends back home. This trip will drive you through the most scenic western valleys of Bhutan, which offer a variety of photographic opportunities: misty mountains, virgin forests, fresh rivers, scenic landscape, cheerful faces, tasteful monuments, colourful cultures and many more.

This package includes cooking and photography class, photo shoot, blessing ceremony and private camping by the river.

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