Exotic Bhutan

The small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan offers a unique culture and tradition with fascinating colorful festivals, mountain landscapes and a pristine environment where people live in harmony with nature and practice the Buddhist way of life.

Festivals of Bhutan

Festival of Bhutan brings happiness and life to the Bhutanese people. During the festival in Bhutan people gathered from around the country with their best outfits & brings picnic lunches to witness the Buddhist mask dances, with their family and friends. We have annual festival almost everywhere in the country at different time. So come and witness the happiness festivals, to refresh your self in peaceful environment.

People of Bhutan

Bhutanese are slow going, opened minded, hospitality, friendly, helpful and supportive, speck very good English.

Very small populations less than 1 million, the size of country is as similar to Switzerland. Buddhist nation, many ethics group likes to wear colorful clothes and customs and also good-looking. You will see and experience the Bhutanese people by yourself.