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The colours of Autumn

8 days tour/ workshop package.

Season: September

8-12 Participant maximum


Capture the colors of autumn in Bhutan. If you want to enjoy the autumn magic, September is the right time to do it. It offers an amazing display of rice fields ripening to golden brown, clear blue skies, merry pink and white flowers blooming all over the valley – giving a new sense of wonder. The season is stunning and captivating to visitors and local farmers alike. As a bonus, the fun-filled harvesting activities will be in full swing all over the country.

The largest Bhutanese festivals take place in September as well. This tour will include the festivals of Wangdue, Thimphu and Has Valley. While in appearance, festivals may look like a show for tourists, they are actually a deeply spiritual experience for the Bhutanese people … and a unique opportunity for photographers.

We will also arrange for you to watch the sunrise over Dochula Pass and the sunset on Bhutan’s most familiar landmark, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. You will also be afforded gorgeous views of the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan and much more.



Tashi Choe Dzong, Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, Punakha valley, Dochula Pass, Tiger’s Nest Monastery


We will take you to the right place at the right time to capture perfect photographs. 

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