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 Nature and Culture Hiking Tour

8 days hiking and explore package $ . Excluding air fairs. April

8-10 Participant maximum


One of the best ways to explore Bhutan is by foot. Bhutan’s pristine nature and jagged mountainous landscape provide an ideal opportunity to hike and trek across some of the most beautiful scenery. Bhutan is a landlocked country, also recognized as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.  It is known for its rich ecosystem of diverse species of flora and fauna which all can be experienced by trekking or hiking in Bhutan.

There are numerous day hikes that can be arranged and for those feeling more ambitious, longer treks can also be included. Hiking in Bhutan can offer a multitude of thrilling experiences such as fresh mountain air, outstanding views, and most important a great opportunity to immerse in the natural environment.

Hiking or trekking in Bhutan is a unique and a wonderful experience! There are several ancient trails leading through a variety of terrain from lush forests to panoramic mountain passes to rice paddy terraces. This special tour will take our guests to explore traditional villages and monasteries. You will also mingle with the locals by staying at simple traditional Bhutanese homes and, at the end of the day, unwind by soaking in hot springs or a traditional hot stone bath.


This tour will include hikes in all different valleys and a drive through Bhutan’s scenic roads and is specifically developed for adventurous individuals.

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