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 Bhutan Live Art Tour

8 days heritage art tour package $ . Excluding air fairs. May

8-12 Participant maximum


Bhutan flaunts a dramatic landscape with gloriously daunting mountains and natural rivers raging to meet their destination in India. The entire nation is dotted with quaint temples and monasteries making it a perfect subject for any number of art masterpieces.

In this tour our guests will be taken to locations with incredible views and  furnished with art materials so they can enjoy capturing the beautiful mountains,  valleys and vistas on their canvas. You will also be joined by local artists who will bring insight into Bhutans unique art culture.

This tour will also give guests a unique insight into Bhutan’s art culture such as monastic wall paintings, traditional Thangka paintings, and also learn about the type of natural pigments used for painting these. Guests will also have the opportunity to meet and greet some of the renowned artists of Bhutan, and also enjoy several art galleries.

You will also be invited to observe the creation of a sacred Sand Mandala and will be briefed on its importance and the nuances involved with creating it. Each Mandala is unique but also temporary, so observing its creation is a blessing and a profound lesson on the impermanence of life.


Zorig Chusum, VAST Gallery, Tashi Choe Dzong, Semtokha Dzong, Buddha point, Dochula, Punakha

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