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Heritage Adventure Tour

7 days tour package $. Excluding air fairs.

May 6-10 Participant maximum


This tour is designed to open doors to Bhutanese arts and crafts. Guests will observe, understand, and appreciate the importance of these artisans in society and the way Bhutanese people lived in the past. Arts and crafts in Bhutan stand as a pulsating testimony to the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions, many of which have been passed down from our ancestors.

In this tour you will see many types of arts and crafts throughout the country, each of which plays an integral part in the Bhutanese culture. You will visit museums, handicraft shops, fortresses and many more places to study the ingenuity of the unique Bhutanese style. We will also meet village artists and witness their finest products such as architecture, paintings, woodcarving, intricate and unique textiles and much more.

Bhutan is an art-lover’s paradise where a wide variety of traditional artworks called Thangkas can be found. Thangkas are an important aspect of religious culture in Bhutan and are generally drawn on cotton or silk appliqué. Thangka paintings are a representation of Buddhist teachings and Buddha’s doctrines. Unlike other artworks around the world, Thangkas are painted using natural mineral colors rather than synthetic colors. Some of the most popular Thangka paintings are of Mandalas. You will observe and learn a great deal about these beautiful works of art

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