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What guests are saying about us


“Adventure, culture and excitement!  There is plenty of all three. I can’t extol this trip enough. Even after a year I remember something about Bhutan every day.”

                                    ~ Dan Brandel, USA


“When you want to get away, I mean really far away, Bhutan is the place to tune out and zone in. No McDonalds, no stoplights, no stress. The last true Shangri La!”

                   ~ J. Scott Hinkle, 10-time visitor, USA

“Perhaps our most memorable days were spent at Punap’s village visiting his family, neighbors and students and teachers at a local school.”

                   ~ Coral Sutherland, USA



“Gomo Adventures is a trusted and hospitable, Himalayan travel host. The warm and peaceful appearance of the Bhutanese people and untouched clean nature are an unforgettable experience.”  


                   ~ Yong-Choon, Kim. M.D. Suwon, Korea


"Ugyen was very helpful in showing Yukiko how to take advantage of various features of her new digital camera.  He also added in depth coverage of many of the cultural aspects and explanations of aspects of the Goembas, Dzongs, and Mahayana Buddhism.”      


                   ~ Bob Gottschall & Yukiko Tani, USA

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