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Punap Ugyen Wangchuk 


I grew up in a remote village called Thambji, Punakha, Bhutan. I was previously a monk for thirteen years under the Central Monastic Body at Dodedrak, Dechenphodrang and Punakha Monasteries, and finally at the Tango Buddhist College. In 2000 I attended Kauai Community College in Hawaii where I studied Basic Media and Photography, and in 2001 I was granted to study media in California, USA. 

I am currently a freelance photographer and licenced tour guide since 2002. My passion for sustainable tourism led me to develop the Wangdue Eco-Lodge, the first of its kind in the Country; I have always been captivated by the unique culture of Bhutan and our country's journey through rapid economic development. I have dedicated my life to documenting everything that is Authentically Bhutanese, in hopes of contributing to a meaningful archive of our valuable culture and traditions.

My previous photography books include "Authentic Bhutanese Cookbook, Bhutan Portrait and landscape." and I am currently compiling a comprehensive photography book on Bhutan. My dream is to help develop my local community into a sustainable and happy village. 

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